Lactation Counseling

Breastfeeding is a learned art. It is natural and can be deeply rewarding, but there is often a steep learning curve for both parties in the first few weeks of initiation. I help to get things going right by providing help with baby’s latch, breastfeeding positions,engorgement relief, managing milk production and expectations, and troubleshooting possible issues.

Fee: $225 Initial session up to 2 hours. $100 per hour for additional visits.


New Parent, New Baby Consultation, i.e. - “What do we do now?!”

Congratulations! You had your baby! Or you had two babies! You have family or a friend coming soon to help you for a few weeks, but in the meantime you have a ton of questions and google has a ton of conflicting answers. You want someone who will come to you and have a calm conversation about all things newborn, breastfeeding, and healing. That’s me. I will answer all of your questions about newborn behavior, feeding and digestion, diapering, sleeping (for both you and the baby), and how to maximize the help you receive so you can start feeling more like yourself sooner.  A handy folder containing "Your Postpartum Plan", and breastfeeding and newborn care informational handouts is included in the consultation.

Fee: $250


Postnatal Doula Services

Postpartum care is highly individualized in order to provide the new or growing family with support that suits their circumstances and to help smooth the transition into new parenthood. As your postpartum doula some of the ways I will support you can include:

  • Lactation counseling, bottle feeding support.

  • Preparation of simple, nutritious meals.

  • Looking after the baby/babies while mom or both parents nap, shower, spend time with older children.

  • Provide education and assist with newborn care to help parents become familiar with bathing, umbilical cord care, feeding, soothing and more.

  • Provide non-judgmental emotional support such as listening and helping with processing the birth experience, answering questions, paying special attention to the new mother’s emotional well- being.

  • Light cleaning.

  • Run quick errands, do food shopping, or a load of laundry.

  • First session is $200, subsequent sessions are $175.

Available Packages:

  • 4 daytime sessions: $725 (to be used within 2 week period).

  • 6 daytime sessions: $1075 (to be used within 3 week period).

  • 8 daytime sessions: $1425 (to be used within 4 week period).

  • 1st night home from hospital overnight + 4 day time sessions in first 2 weeks: $1200

Average sessions are 3 hours. Additional time or sessions can be added at $50 per hour.

  • Overnights (9pm - 6am): $500 per night, in Brooklyn and lower Manhattan only.


Continuity of Care-Birth and Postpartum Combo Package- Includes 2 prenatal meetings, birth services + 3 postpartum support sessions in the first week after the birth= $2,500.


Getting Ready to Go Back to Work Consultation

Be prepared, and feel more confident and relaxed when you back to work by learning what to expect in the first days and weeks back at work.

I will help you:

  • Help you create and organize your freezer stash.

  • Getting to know your pump (cleaning, suction, extra parts etc).

  • Set up emergency protocol in case you forget pump or parts.

  • Help manage expectations and changes in in milk production.

  • Getting the most out of each pumping session.

  • The basics of hand expression.

      Fee: $150