Some former clients share about their experiences of working with me:

Walking with Nichim, movement in birth is key!, 2008.

From Erica S.

Grace was our lactation counselor when my newborn rejected breastfeeding after we had to supplement with a bottle. Grace was able to come help us immediately, which was so critical at that early stage when every hour seems like a struggle. She was patient and reassuring and knowledgeable. She gave us the courage to not give up and she was right. Much faster than we expected, our daughter began breastfeeding again. We relied on her for all of our feeding questions and concerns and are finally able to enjoy and breastfeeding because of her tremendous help. 

From Abby W.

Grace was an amazing postpartum doula! I felt completely comfortable with her. She was wonderfully gentle and caring with my newborn (and even wore her in wrap) but also did a great job of drawing my preschooler out of her shell and engaging her with drawing so I could nurse the baby in peace. She cooked me some amazing meals (according to my specifications) which were both nourishing and delicious. She helped with household chores so I could rest. She was amazing and a joy to have in my home. I would recommend Grace without reservation and only wish I had hired her to be my birth doula as well!

From Nichim L.

Grace held a space of support for my husband, me and our babies.  In two of our births she participated with so much presence and kindness.  Having her next to me felt like and ancestral reconnection to all that a mother needs.  Here I was about to embark in the unknown, and Grace held my hand, rubbed my back, held my weight, whispered reassuring words.  With her there I knew I could let go of fear.  Recalling her blessed work brings tears to my eyes, she becomes a pillar of love to hold the mother through such a rite of passage.  She was there for me when I most needed to be in loving arms.  She supported my husband when he needed rest, when he needed a second set of arms, when he needed a nose wipe!  I not only recommend Grace to another mother, I thank Grace for continuing to bring goodness to the world through her commitment to supporting mothers and families.

From Sasha S.

As first-time parents, Grace provided great prenatal support and helped us feel more prepared going into the birth. What was most important to us was getting to know each other and establishing that the three of us had great energy together. I remember feeling a real sense of safety in her presence, and confidence that during the birth she would provide the support that we needed and "hold the space" in which to labor.

Grace was absolutely crucial through labor in ways we simply could not have foreseen or guessed at. She was a critical pillar of support and experience for my husband Steven, gave us encouragement and support exactly where we needed it, and kept us focused on what was important throughout the often crazy experience of birth. In particular, I remember Grace gently but firmly telling us that we needed to "kick things up a notch" in order to help me progress after I wasn't dilated enough to be admitted to the hospital. We came home, Grace suggested we put on some music and start moving around more, walked up and down the apartment with me countless times, helped me figure out poses to drop into when the difficult contractions came, made me a smoothie and tea to drink so I could get some of my energy back, and encouraged Steven and I to find closeness during moments of rest. Those hours in particular are so deeply important to me in my memories of the labor and Grace is ever-present in those memories. In the words of my husband, "I don't know how anyone does this without a doula."

In many ways Grace's postpartum support has been more important to me than even her amazing labor support. She is so full of empathy and understanding, and has helped me process the experiences we went through during labor in ways that were real and resonant. I feel an incredible kinship with her and she has helped me so much. She is a very, very special person. Grace radiates love and warmth. You can sense immediately that she does this work because she truly loves it. We have already agreed that if we ever have another baby, we want Grace to be by our sides as our doula again. We recommend her without any reservation to anyone looking for doula support in their birth.


From Jewel R.

Anyone who has been pregnant or even had a difficult pregnancy, understands the importance of having support. The value of Grace’s presence cannot be condensed. I have to share how grateful I am that she was a part of my pregnancy story.

A hospital operating theater is not for the faint of heart and it is in this cold sterile environment that I discovered the value of a doula. I had known that Grace was a doula for many years, but I had only heard about her attending natural births. It was only after discussing how alone I was in my last section delivery, that Grace asked if I would want her present at my next.   I was surprised that she would consider being in the O.R. and wondered if having her there was necessary and dismissed the thought.  My life partner even though excited to be present at the birth of our daughter, had become light headed at the prior birth of our son. He was walked out of the O.R. for what I thought was to get a breath of air without his mask, but was left seated in the hallway outside never to return. I delivered without anyone present. 

The pregnancy with my daughter though problem free in the beginning, was wrought with problems after the 32nd week.  I started bleeding and it was discovered that I had placenta accreta. There was a high possibility that upon delivery I would have to have a hysterectomy. I was distraught and here began Grace's everlasting support. She visited and we discussed how I felt and constructed a number of well thought out questions to ask my ob at my next visit. Her visit not only helped allay my fears, but also reassured me that having questions empowered me as a patient.  Grace's visits or calls continued even when I was later hospitalized. 

On the morning of my 34th week at 6am, I began bleeding profusely and the ob carded me for immediate delivery. I called my partner in a panic and told him of the plans.  I also called Grace and asked her to come even though I was unsure what role she was going to play.  After making the calls, the ob informed me that my partner would not be allowed to accompany me and with that news my dam of tears overflowed and I could no longer remain composed.  Grace arrived in my hospital room with a wide smile and a greeting, that she was so excited that she was going to meet my daughter.  I asked her if she was prepared to go to the o.r. and she responded immediately and I was taken to be prepped for surgery.  Grace entered the operating room gowned and masked yet I knew she was smiling. She sat at my head and immediately asked how I was feeling and began touching my hair. She spoke of the baby and would peek and let me know of the progress.  I'm uncertain how to convey just how calming her presence was or simply her touch, but I know that it was invaluable. Zoe was delivered and taken to the NICU.  The placenta was removed without harming my uterus. Grace stayed through recovery and the eventual placement in the hospital room.  She maneuvered between my partner and myself, always respecting our moment.  We discussed breast feeding and just how important it was for my baby. She showed me how to hand express and store the colostrum. It was only after I was comfortably laying in bed that Grace left.

Grace's support continued after I came home as she switched hats and became a lactation counselor.  She came in and showed both Zoe and I the proper latch. I was able to breast feed for three months and that's three months longer than I have ever breastfed.  Zoe is now 3.5 months and I will continue to rave about Grace.  She is knowledgeable and yet does not beat you over the head with all that she knows. She is very personable and she gets it! She does not step on toes. She is able to navigate the hormonal relationships she meets on the pre and post pregnancy journey...and that's a gift!

 From Aisha D.

Grace was excellent! I had a pretty long labor and she stayed with me the whole time. She was so great at balancing out when I needed encouragement and when I just needed to know someone was nearby. She helped with keeping me calm and breathing easily, boosting my confidence that I would be able to have the birth I wanted, at home, and keeping focused when it was necessary to making it through labor and getting the baby born. She also made the best soup I've ever tasted! Grace was very caring, supportive, and knowledgeable during my birth and afterwards. She helped me remember and see that I could do it, and I still thank her for sticking it out with us!

From Nikki C.

Grace is the first person I think of to call whenever I'm having an issue with breastfeeding, or simply have a question about it. Ever since I had my daughter almost 7 months ago and have been nursing, she has offered support and advice whenever I need it. The first few weeks of breastfeeding were rather challenging for me, and there were definitely a few times where I was ready to give up. But then I would talk to Grace and she would calm me down and offer the words of encouragement and support that I needed to hear. Grace was there for me during difficult times, but she was also great about checking in with me just to see how I was doing with breastfeeding. She has a natural and relaxed as well as knowledgeable approach to breastfeeding a baby that makes sense to me, and her attitude and insights have been extremely helpful to me, especially when I was dealing with the stresses of balancing work and family. Grace is incredibly passionate about what she does and also one of the most caring people I know. Any woman in need of help or advice about breastfeeding will greatly benefit from getting in touch with her. 

From Nyasha R.

During my pregnancy I took several childbirth classes and read books and apps because I wanted to be the best informed parent I could be. From the baby’s development in the womb to breastfeeding are usually covered, but after having my daughter my biggest challenge was getting her to latch on. It was a stressful time and I just wanted to feed my baby the best milk she deserved. That's where Grace Veras Sealy came to my rescue! She quickly visited our home and looked at how I was breastfeeding, then we discussed good practices, positions and looked at pictures. She even sent me the materials on my phone so that I could review what we discussed at a later time. 

Grace was encouraging to me throughout my entire pregnancy, sending me information whenever I needed it. She helped me gain confidence as a new mom, especially when the breastfeeding process could be so challenging and discouraging without the right support. So many moms give up so early when they think they aren't feeding their child.

I have flat nipples and all the classes I took didn't discuss that specific challenge. They were informative but it's dynamic to have a hands-on doula and lactation counselor like Grace Veras Sealy. She has supported me developing a special bond between my daughter and I that nothing can replace.